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Lower back pain

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Looking for Effective Lower Back Pain Relief ?

Lower back pain can be a sign of underlying problems involving the nerves or muscles. The pain differs from person to person, from dull localised pain, to a stinging and burning pain that moves between the lower back and the legs.

With lower back pain, it’s difficult to perform everyday motions like sitting, standing, walking, turning around or bending at the waist. Many people miss work because of this. In more severe cases, people are left bedridden and incapacitated.

In all of these cases, however, you need to get diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. Early diagnosis and correct treatment usually achieves the most effective outcome for patients.

Dealing with Lower Back Pain

Pain in the lower back prevents maximum functionality. The lower back, or lumbar spine, supports the weight of the upper body, and allows for movements like bending, walking and twisting. This area of the body is also the point of attachment for muscles needed to support the spine and to flex and rotate the hips. Finally, it is also the nexus for many important nerves.

The pain can be due to many reasons, such as inflammation or direct injury to soft tissues like the discs, muscles and ligaments. However, the most common cause of back pain deals with repeated stress to the back joints and muscles. The stress comes from poor posture, bad lifting form, and other day-to-day activities. Irritation of nerves in the spine can occur, producing symptoms.

Taking short-term pain relievers is not enough. While it can relieve the symptoms, a tablet won’t reduce the damage that has built up. Pain medication will not stop the tension in your lower back from coming back, or correct the cause of your problem.

Freedom from Pain with Chiropractic Treatment

When the pain is related to neuromuscular disorders, going to a Chiropractor for treatment is one of the best complementary ways to find relief. It has been proven to be effective in relieving lower back pain and in dealing with the underlying problems.

Chiropractors are health care professionals dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular disorders. They reduce pain and improve mobility and functionality through the gentle adjustment of the spine.

It is a medical fact that structural derangements of the spine can significantly affect the nervous system. Chiropractors are able to help restore the spine’s structural integrity, which can reduce the harmful pressure on nerves and muscular connections.

This safe and efficient method of dealing with lower back pain can involve rehabilitative exercises as well.

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At New Farm Chiropractic, our immediate concern is providing you relief, as well as the long-term treatment needed to prevent relapses. Our Chiropractors can also help you manage your own health through proper exercise, ergonomic practices at home and at work, and through other possible therapies.

Through Chiropractic treatment, you can get effective relief from lower back pain. Book an appointment with our experienced Chiropractors today!

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Lower back pain
Low back pain can range from being a minor intermittent issue to one of debilitating significance. Patients often describe pain as being a dull ache in the lower back, but as symptoms become more severe pain can be unrelenting and radiate or refer. This is usually the result of increasing inflammation levels at the site of injury in the case of mechanical low back pain. Acute muscle spasms may also be associated as the body tries to splint the damage.
Neck pain
Neck pain can be a dull ache, or the feeling of spasms and sharp pains around the neck muscles (especially when moving the neck). It can also cause discomfort while laying down, pins and needles or numbness down one/both arms.
Bulging Disc
Patients often present with a bulging disc that can be seen on CT or MRI scans. Disc lesions are a major cause of back pain, and can be the manifestation of long term problems. A specific approach to assessment and treatment can give great results. The spinal surgeons we co-refer with endorse our conservative approach before a patient considers surgery.
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