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Neck pain

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Need Lasting Solution to your Neck Pain?

Getting a stiff neck is normal, provided it doesn’t hurt so much or last for very long, for example, several weeks. If your neck hurts so much that it has made you unproductive, it’s highly recommended that you seek help for your neck pain from a Chiropractor.

At times neck pains result from poor sleeping posture or having worked for long hours to finish a stressful project, so it is good to try some home remedies before visiting a Chiropractor.

The commonest home remedies include checking and changing your pillow, doing light neck stretches, avoiding working for very long hours, and avoiding driving if you can’t turn your neck past your shoulder.

If all these fail and symptoms persist or return, we are here for you. Our experts will help you recover quickly so you can start enjoying life again.

When to Seek Help

There are several instances that you should see a Chiropractor to treat your neck pain, some of them have been outlined below:

  • If stiffness or neck pain persists for several days and does not respond to basic remedies.
  • If you cannot look right and left without feeling neck pains.
  • If you feel like you are reliant on non-prescription medication to relieve the pain or cannot manage the pain without using them.
  • If you think there is a serious underlying cause of your neck pain.
  • If the pain started a few days after you were involved in an auto accident or other significant trauma.
  • If you feel the neck pain in the morning but as the day progresses, you feel much better.
  • If you are experiencing acute neck pain with gross restriction in mobility.

Our Approach to Treatment

Chiropractic adjustmentsWe have over 25 years of experience in neck pain treatment. We will start our treatment with a thorough consultation and examination where we will ask you questions about your symptoms, your neck pain history, as well as the types of movement that decrease or increase the pain.

Our Chiropractors will physically check the severity of your neck and how it has affected neck movement. They will also look for numbness or tenderness and tingling in your hands or arms. They will utilize X-rays to help diagnose your condition when necessary.

We strongly advise that you have a consultation if you know or think the pain resulted from abnormal motion including a whiplash injury, lifting, or falling. In the case of repetitive strain or a single trauma, such pains will result from your neck’s vertebra shifting out of alignment and neck muscles to be overextended.

Our highly trained Gonstead Chiropractors will use Chiropractic adjustments to realign your vertebrae so within a few days you are on the road to recovery.

Other Conditions
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Low back pain can range from being a minor intermittent issue to one of debilitating significance. Patients often describe pain as being a dull ache in the lower back, but as symptoms become more severe pain can be unrelenting and radiate or refer. This is usually the result of increasing inflammation levels at the site of injury in the case of mechanical low back pain. Acute muscle spasms may also be associated as the body tries to splint the damage.
Neck pain
Neck pain can be a dull ache, or the feeling of spasms and sharp pains around the neck muscles (especially when moving the neck). It can also cause discomfort while laying down, pins and needles or numbness down one/both arms.
Bulging Disc
Patients often present with a bulging disc that can be seen on CT or MRI scans. Disc lesions are a major cause of back pain, and can be the manifestation of long term problems. A specific approach to assessment and treatment can give great results. The spinal surgeons we co-refer with endorse our conservative approach before a patient considers surgery.
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