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Migraines are debilitating headaches that often have associated symptoms, especially within the visual system. They may be related to toxicity levels and chemistry in the body and are often associated with the mid thoracic spine and neck. Alcohol, medications or other chemicals can worsen the condition. It has been our clinical experience that most migraine sufferers benefit from specific Chiropractic care.
Dizziness and vertigo
Dizziness and Vertigo is the sensation of moving and spinning of yourself or the environment when you are actually still. This can occur after head and neck trauma and may include vomiting and sweating. A skilled practitioner will be able to determine whether the symptoms are coming from the neck or other sources that require referral to another specialist.
Middle back pain
Thoracic Misalignment is when one or more of these vertebrae move out of alignment. This is also known as a pinched nerve between the shoulders. It may vary from a local pain to sharp strong shooting pain. This condition is often posture related and is common in people who sit a lot or have prolonged computer use.
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