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Fiji Buildex Donation

Don't want to put up with the pain any longer?

Tropical Cyclone Winston struck the Fiji Islands with devastating ferocity in February 2016. Prior to David & Beth Leach’s charity Chiropractic clinic visit to Savusavu, Fiji, David asked our friend Helen Regan (assistant manager of Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort) how the area had faired, and what did the community need to get back on their feet. Helen immediately replied with ‘roofing screws’! Proper screws were too expensive for locals to afford, and not readily available. During the rebuilding, locals were in the habit of using regular nails to secure roofing iron, leaving rooves susceptible to being blown off again in the next big storm. The obvious danger that projectile roofing iron poses has cost lives in these communities before.


Dr David started asking around to various friends and patients to see where roofing screws might eventuate from. Dr David obviously asked the right person in Garth Hudson from Project Prestige. Garth & his builder Ryan contacted local manufacturer Buildex, whose director in Brisbane Ross Fyfe graciously donated nearly 2.5 tonnes of roofing screws! These have now been shipped to the Savusavu Community Foundation – this generosity will change people’s lives! Not to mention save lives as well.


The local Holy Spirit School in New Farm were also generous donors of personal items that year 6 student Kitty Leach co-ordinated and collected. She is seen here packing up the New Farm school community donations ready to ship to Savusavu!


It has been an amazing project to be a part of, and we look forward to our Fiji friends enjoying this Australian generosity. Well done to all involved!

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