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Is Chiropractic safe?

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The debate about how safe Chiropractic is has been around for several years. Some people shy away from Chiropractic care over safety concerns. Here is some important information we would like you to know about Chiropractic care so you can overcome your fears and seek an assessment.

Chiropractic care, when done by qualified practitioners is considered a relatively safe therapy for musculoskeletal conditions. As Chiropractors don’t use expensive drugs or do surgeries in their practice, but just use their hands, Chiropractic practice is relatively safe. Also, in some cases their services are far more affordable than alternatives.

All medical practitioners are by law required to get insurance coverage. Chiropractors are one of the groups that get the lowest premiums because their practice involves very low risk. Chiropractors have a 5-year university qualification and are regulated by a government registration body. They are obliged to comply with ongoing continuing education requirements every year, and hold a current first aid certificate.

Side Effects

While medical practitioners strive to provide the safest care possible, there is no guarantee it will be 100 percent safe, and this applies to Chiropractic practice as well. Fortunately, in most cases, Chiropractic practice has mild to moderate risks. A few first-time patients may complain of pains and aches following their treatment, but the pain will usually go away on its own by using a cold compress, or with ordinary painkillers.

Some people claim that neck adjustments, which are core to Chiropractic practice, may cause stroke or vertebral artery dissection. One study showed that such injuries might happen in people with a history of arterial disease. Other studies have also shown that vertebral artery dissection is mostly caused by activities that involve turning the head. People suffering from this condition may mistakenly conclude that Chiropractic treatment is the cause of their injury. The sitting Gonstead adjustments used at New Farm Chiropractic for the neck avoid twisting in order to maximize the patient’s safety.

Your health is our priority and we acknowledge the trust a patient places in us. Some of the essentials for safe and effective Chiropractic practice are skill and experience, that’s why we only have a team of skilled, experienced doctors dedicated to providing the best care. We will be happy to schedule an appointment with you so we can explain how safe our services are. We will answer all your questions about treatment and its safety record. All patients have the opportunity to read our referenced risk/benefits form prior to consenting to treatment.

Other Benefits

In addition to the low risk, there are several benefits you can get from Chiropractic care. Patients have reported improved immune system, a boost in energy, greater sense of well-being, fewer headaches, much less pain and several other benefits. If you would like to receive Chiropractic services that are safe and natural to get your health on track, contact us or visit our clinic now.

As Chiropractors we can assist out patients with:

We work hard to ensure you will enjoy your visit from the time you contact us to the time you leave our clinic. Visit our clinic today so we can help to improve your health!

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